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  • Diptheria  
  • Measles  
  • Meningitis  
  • Mumps
  • Pertussis  
  • Rubella  
  • Tuberculosis  
  • General Vavvine Information



Toddler dies of diphtheria after parents refused to vaccinate her against disease – Nation | The Star Online

WHO says diphtheria infected over 1,300 people in Yemen – Al Arabiya English

Malaysia reports diphtheria death in unvaccinated Sarawak toddler – Outbreak News Today

South Africa: Diphtheria alert issued in KwaZulu-Natal Province – Outbreak News Today


91 killed in Yemen’s diphtheria outbreak: WHO – Xinhua |

Venezuela: Bolivar hospital records 19 diphtheria deaths – Outbreak News Today

Alberta: Diphtheria case confirmed in Medicine Hat – Outbreak News Today


Diphtheria: 4th case reported in Ukraine – Outbreak News Today

H5N1: PAHO: Diphtheria in the Americas – posted 8/12/18

Pan American/World Health Organizations Epidemiological Update – 29 August 2018 – Diphtheria  posted 9/2/18

Fatal Case of Diphtheria and Risk for Reemergence, Singapore – Volume 24, Number 11—November 2018 – Emerging Infectious Diseases journal – CDC – posted 10/17/18



Measles virus kills four more children – PakObserver


Japan measles outbreak: 161 cases reported in first five months – Outbreak News Today

Tchad: 665 cas de rougeoles enregistrés – Journal du Tchad – Measles – Chad

More measles in Ukraine: 12th death recorded – Outbreak News Today

Measles deaths in India


RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in [Michalovce District], Kosice Region, Slovakia on June 28 2018 03:24 AM = Measles

France reports 50 measles cases a week as 2nd fatality is reported – Outbreak News Today

Measles outbreak threatens isolated Amazonian tribe – CNN

Congo-Kinshasa: Dozens Dead in DRC Measles Outbreak –

Measles outbreak in eastern Slovakia – Outbreak News Today

Oregon: 2nd measles case confirmed in Multnomah County – Outbreak News Today


This was a patient who presented with Koplik’s spots on palate due to pre-eruptive measles on day 3 of the illness./CDC

Libya reports measles outbreak, alert issued – Outbreak News Today

Measles outbreak: GPs put on high alert as cases already more than double 2017 total | The Independent

Ukraine measles and diphtheria update – Outbreak News Today

Measles outbreak tally in England now 750 – Outbreak News Today

France reports 3rd measles death of 2018 – Outbreak News Today

Mauritius: Three dead, 453 infected in ongoing measles outbreak – Outbreak News Today

Ukraine: More than 27,000 measles cases in 7 months – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/16/18

Measles in Ukraine: 755 additional cases reported in past week – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/21/18

Brazil Rushes to Thwart Measles Outbreak From Venezuelans – The New York Times – posted 8/21/18

Brazil slams Venezuela as measles spreads across border | Reuters – posted 8/21/18

Brazil’s Measles Outbreak Reaches 1,053 Cases During 2018 — Precision Vaccinations – posted 8/21/18

Serbia measles: 5,700 cases in 10 months – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/21/18

CDC monitoring measles outbreak in more than 20 states | WBFF – posted 8/21/18 | Wichita, Kansas News, Weather, Sports – CDC monitors measles outbreak in 21 states, including Kansas – posted 8/21/18

Measles in Europe: ‘We are seeing a dramatic increase in infections and extended outbreaks’ – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/21/18

Measles cases reach record high in Europe – CNN – posted 8/21/18

Europe Suffers From a Severe Measles Outbreak | NewsGram – posted 8/21/18

Measles in Greece tops 3,200 in 15 months – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/28/18

London measles total this year nears 300 cases – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/28/18

Pinellas County, Florida, measles outbreak rises to 7 – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/2/18

Mauritius reports 800 measles cases since March – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/5/18

Ukraine measles update: 30,744 cases in 2018 to date – Outbreak News Today –  posted 9/17/18

Brazil imported measles update: 1,673 confirmed cases nationwide – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/17/18

Measles – Pan American Health Organization. – posted 9/24/18

Measles cases have hit a record high in Europe. Blame austerity. – Vox – 9/24/18


“Our analysis suggests that austerity measures adopted in Italy contributed significantly to the resurgence of measles,” the authors of a new European Journal of Public Health paper wrote.Getty Images

3-year-old child dies due to measles in Ukraine’s Lviv region – – posted 10/4/18

Israel: Tel Aviv hospital sees six babies with measles – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/4/18

Ukraine reports additional 500 measles cases in last week of September – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/5/18

Measles outbreak in Yala Province, Thailand – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/17/18

Measles: More cases in Rockland County – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/17/18



Viral meningitis in the UK: time to speed up – The Lancet Infectious Diseases

Incidence, aetiology, and sequelae of viral meningitis in UK adults: a multicentre prospective observational cohort study – The Lancet Infectious Disease

Chesterfield family has message for parents after 4-month-old dies of meningitis |

Zoe McGinty was fit and healthy at 10am but died from meningococcal disease just 16 hours later | The West Australian

Columbia Basin Herald – Local News, Health district investigates meningitis case

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in [Edgerton Elementary School], Clio, State of Michigan, USA on September 19 2018 06:09 AM – Meningitis – posted 9/19/18

Meningococcal disease outbreak on San Diego State University – Outbreak News Today – Meningitis – posted 10/2/18

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in Rahim Yar Khan, State of Punjab, Pakistan on October 14 2018 04:41 AM – Meningitis – posted 10/17/18


Mumps resurgence likely due to waning vaccine-derived immunity

Delaware mumps outbreak associated with Wilmington dance – Outbreak News Today

Mexico reports mumps outbreak, many cases in college students – Outbreak News Today

Penn State reports a dozen mumps cases as semester winds down – Outbreak News Today

Four students test positive for mumps at Western Illinois University

Hearing loss from mumps more common than thought:The Asahi Shimbun

Penn State: 31 mumps cases this year – Outbreak News Today

Mumps vaccine protection wanes over years; more doses recommended

Notes from the Field: Mumps Outbreak — Alaska, May 2017–July 2018 | MMWR – posted 8/23/18

Mumps outbreak reported at Perak school – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/2/18

Mumps cases reported at TCU – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/19/18

Honduras reports more than 5,000 mumps cases this year – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/22/18



Ireland: ‘A number’ of suspected mumps cases reported at the University of Limerick – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/3/18

Mumps cases reported in University of Michigan students – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/17/18

Hawaii mumps outbreak: Declared over after 1,000 cases – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/17/18



Health Department figures reveal cases of whooping cough have fallen 20% since tragic Riley Hughes death | The West Australian

New Mexico: Pertussis outbreak reported in McKinley County – Outbreak News Today

Resurgence of whooping cough may owe to vaccine’s inability to prevent infections

Decades-long trends, not flawed vaccine, explain resurgent whooping cough

Whooping cough alert in Bogota – Outbreak News Today

Pertussis outbreak reported in McKinley County, New Mexico – Outbreak News Today

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in [Sheldon High School], Eugene, State of Oregon, USA on May 01 2018 05:05 AM – Pertussis – Whooping Cough.

Marin County reports increase in pertussis this year – Outbreak News Today

2017 Provisional Pertussis Surveillence Report – CDC

Whooping cough increase reported in South Africa – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/22/18

Delaware investigates pertussis outbreak among Amish population in Kent County – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/28/18

delaware.png    Image/National Atlas of the United States | Wichita, Kansas News, Weather, Sports – Kansas health officials investigate possible whooping cough outbreak – posted 8/29/18

Pertussis cases nearly double last year’s at start of school year in Utah Co. | – posted 9/12/18

Whooping cough cases spike in Tasmania, with at-risk urged to get vaccinated – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) – posted 9/12/18

Whooping cough making a comeback | Albuquerque Journal – posted 9/13/18



Japan reports rise in Rubella cases, prompting calls for vaccination – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/29/18

Japan reports 500 rubella cases year to date – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/22/18

Rubella in Japan: Cases up 8-times compared to 2017 – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/3/18

Rubella cases top 900 in Japan, Tokyo accounts for nearly one third – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/17/18



TB on rise in Ukraine: acting health minister – news about social life

Tuberculosis exposure reported at University of San Diego – KGTV-TV San Diego

Tuberculosis vaccines reduce rate of sustained infections, according to study – Homeland Preparedness News

Global Tuberculosis Report 2018 – posted 9/22/18

WHO report warns efforts to end TB are falling short | CIDRAP – posted 9/22/18


CDC Global Health – Immunization – New and Underused Vaccines

Angry Crowd: ‘You Are Going To Hell’ As NJ Vaccine Bill Advances | Princeton, NJ Patch

Japan’s backward vaccination policy | The Japan Times


Vaccines save the lives of 1.45 million children since 2000, study finds | Hub

 Australia to issue monthly fines to parents who don’t vaccinate children | The Independent

 Explaining ‘herd immunity’ may convince more people to get flu shots | Reuters

I Want Your Fear: How Andrew Wakefield Changed the Vaccination Conversation through Greed and Deception – US Represented


Prenatal Tdap vaccine does not increase risk of autism in children – posted 8/21/18

Take-up of MMR vaccine falls for fourth year in a row in England | Society | The Guardian – posted 9/19/18

Here’s The Reason Mumps Has Made A Comeback – posted 9/22/18

Think The Anti-Vaccine Movement Is Bad In The US? It’s Nothing Compared To Europe. – posted 10/2/18

Vignettes from a pre-immunization Canada as childhood vaccination rates plummet | National Post – posted 10/2/18

Incorporating Tdap Vaccination into Prenatal Care to Increase Coverage in Pregnant Women – posted 10/4/18