The Anti-Vaccine Movement – The Cost and Fact Before Fiction


Anti-vax Movement Listed by World Health Organization as One of the Top 10 Health Threats for 2019


Lives Lost

Over 109,000 people died from measles in 2017 – posted 2/25/19

2019 Could Be Worst Year for Measles in U.S. for 30 Years: ‘We’re Losing Ground to a Disease That Once Killed Millions’ – posted 2/25/19

Measles epidemic: 80,000 cases, nearly 1,000 deaths in Madagascar – Outbreak News Today – posted 3/13/19

Without vaccine, hundreds of children die in Madagascar measles outbreak | Reuters – posted 3/13/19

Israeli flight attendant in coma after getting measles – posted 4/21/19

El Al stewardess, 10 year old child – in coma after contracting measles | The Jerusalem post – posted 4/20/19


Infant dies in 1st whooping cough-related fatality in Orange County since 2007 – Orange County Register – posted 4/20/19

Florida: Martin County hepatitis A, Vermont death – Outbreak News Today – posted 4/15/19


Money Lost

MN Health Dept. Spent $2.3M During 5-Month Measles Outbreak « WCCO | CBS Minnesota – 2017 Outbreak of Measles – posted 2/12/19

Western Finland health officials spent over €100k to contain measles outbreak | Yle Uutiset | – posted 2/11/19

Minnesota spent $45.5 billion the past two years. Where did it go? Should we spend more? – Twin Cities – posted 2/18/19

Cost of Washington’s measles outbreak tops $1 million; expected to climb higher | The Seattle Times – posted 2/25/19

Open Forum: Don’t vaccinate? Then pay for the harm you cause – – posted 3/21/19

Measles outbreaks show that parents who skip child vaccinations should pay a stiff price – Los Angeles Times – posted 3/21/19

An Unvaccinated Boy Got Tetanus. His Oregon Hospital Stay: 57 Days and $800,000. – The New York Times – posted 3/23/19

The cost of not getting vaccinated: The numbers can really add up! – Outbreak News Today – posted 3/27/19

Measles outbreak cost Oakland County nearly $200,000 – posted 4/28/19

After 71 cases, four months and $864,679, Vancouver measles outbreak declared over – Outbreak News Today – posted 4/30/19



A Discredited Vaccine Study’s Continuing Impact on Public Health – The New York Times – posted 2/25/19

Those who know least about autism more likely to be anti-MMR, finds US study | HeraldScotland   – posted 2/25/19

Antivaxxers and the Plague of Science Denial | Psychology Today – posted 2/25/19

Anti-Vaccine Leader Scared His Financial Misdeeds will be Exposed | Katie Joy – posted 2/25/19

The Myth of Vaccine Shedding – Science-Based Medicine – posted 3/13/19

Conspiracy Theory Goes Viral that CPS ‘Steals’ Children From Anti-Vax Parents | Katie Joy – posted 3/13/19

‘Something is in those vaccines’: Lawmaker says mandatory measles shots are ‘Communist’ – posted 3/13/19

Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Charity Has Helped Its Board Members Make Money Off Dangerous, Discredited Ideas – posted 3/22/19

Doctors warn Pete Evans to stick to cooking after sharing anti-vaxx podcast | Society | The Guardian – posted 3/23/19

Homeopathy Supplement Peddler’s Despicable Anti-Vaccine Goldmine | American Council on Science and Health – posted 3/23/19

One Doctor Is Responsible for a Third of All Medical Vaccine Exemptions in San Diego – Voice of San Diego – posted 3/23/19

Time to crack down on doctors selling vaccination exemptions | The Sacramento Bee – posted 3/26/19

Bogus medical exemptions sought by anti-vaxxers may get revoked in Calif. – Ars Technica – posted 3/31/19

Randomized controlled trial of homeopathic nosodes finds, not surprisingly, that they are useless – Science-Based Medicine – posted 4/10/19

Anti-vaxxers are refusing to vaccinate their pet DOGS amid claims it can give them autism | Daily Mail Online – posted 4/15/19

The Brussels Times – Flemish anti-vaccination doctor will cost lives, says Maggie De Block – posted 4/15/19,-says-maggie-de-block

Pakistan: 12 arrested for creating panic against polio vaccine – posted 4/24/19



Live Attenuated Varicella Virus Vaccine — Efficacy Trial in Healthy Children | NEJM – 1985 – posted 2/25/19

Jacobson v. Massachusetts :: 197 U.S. 11 (1905) :: Justia US Supreme Court Center – posted 2/25/19

Major Study Finds Pregnancy Issue Actually Linked to Autism, And It’s Not Vaccines – posted 3/21/19

Deep-Dive: Everything you need to know about the VICP — Adolescent advocate – posted 3/27/19

As Ebola kills in Africa, in the west lies over vaccines beguile the complacent | Mark Honigsbaum | Opinion | The Guardian – posted 4/15/19

My Polio Story Is An Inconvenient Truth To Those Who Refuse Vaccines | HuffPost Life – posted 4/15/19




Advocacy group calls for tougher state laws requiring vaccines | – posted 2/25/19

Amid measles outbreak, state House panel moves to ban personal vaccine exemptions | The Seattle Times – posted 2/25/19

In Wake Of Measles Cases, Health Advocates Want Texas To Change Its Vaccine Exemption Law – Houston Public Media – posted 2/25/19

It’s time for personal conviction vaccination exemptions to go · The Badger Herald – posted 2/25/19

FDA chief: Federal government might step in if states don’t change lax vaccine laws – CNN – posted 2/25/19

Vast majority of Canadians say vaccines should be mandatory for school aged kids – Angus Reid Institute – posted 2/25/19

Italy bans unvaccinated children from school – BBC News – posted 3/21/19



Anti-Vaxxers Panic After Learning Facebook Could Shut Down Groups | Katie Joy – posted 2/25/19

Facebook under pressure to halt rise of anti-vaccination groups | Technology | The Guardian – posted 2/25/19

How Facebook Helped the Anti-Vaxxer Movement Go Viral – Pacific Standard – posted 2/25/19

YouTube takes ads off ‘anti-vax’ video channels – BBC News – posted 2/25/19