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General Information




In and Around Military Bases


General Information

Doo-Doo, the New Urban Crisis | RealtyHop – posted 2/8/19

How States and Cities Reinforce Racial Segregation in America – posted 2/8/19

America Has a Sewage Problem – posted 3/20/19

Chemical scare prompts demand for stricter PFAS standard – posted 3/22/19

NCRC-Research-Gentrification-FINAL3.pd – posted 3/23/19

How Poor Americans Get Exploited by Their Landlords – Route Fifty – posted 3/23/19

How to Bring Back Struggling Cities – Route Fifty – posted 3/31/19

How to Revive Shrinking Metropolitan Cities | Manhattan Institute – posted 3/31/19

The Growth of Salaries and Benefits in the Federal Government, State and Local Governments and Public Education, 19982017 – posted 4/23/19

Study finds annual salary needed to afford a house in 50 largest U.S. cities – posted 4/24/19

Homeless Camps Are Infectious Disease Time Bombs | American Council on Science and Health – posted 4/24/19

Health & Hygiene Confessions: America’s Filthiest Cities Revealed – posted 5/3/19

For Countless Americans, Living In Their Vehicles Has Become “The New Normal” | Zero Hedge – posted 6/12/19




Little League battling needle epidemic » Albuquerque Journal – posted 5/9/19



Report shows investment in Baltimore African-American neighborhoods hasn’t overcome racist policies of past – Baltimore Sun – posted 2/8/19

“The Black Butterfly”: Racial Segregation and Investment Patterns in Baltimore – posted 2/15/19

JHU study: Dangerous commutes linked to student absenteeism | WBFF – posted 2/15/19



Trash Piling Up On Berkeley’s Highway 80 Access Road – CBS San Francisco – posted 3/25/19



Denver says feces, urine, litter prompted large homeless sweep around shelter | FOX31 Denver – posted 2/8/19

Denver Public Works said feces, urine and rats prompted sidewalk cleanup at homeless camp | – posted 2/8/19

Denver spent more than $400,000 on private contractor to help with homeless sweeps | FOX31 Denver – posted 2/8/19

Denver women team up to combat garbage buildup | FOX31 Denver – posted 2/8/19

Under homeless deal, Denver will give notice before seizures | FOX31 Denver – posted 2/28/19

Marijuana ER visits climb in Denver hospital study – posted 3/26/19

Some Initiative 300 opponents say it would turn Denver city parks into campgrounds | FOX31 Denver – posted 3/31/19

Springtime ushers urban encampments into Denver metro | FOX31 Denver – posted 4/5/19

This City Might Give Homeless People the Right to Camp Anywhere – Route Fifty – posted 4/29/19

Denver approves tiny home village for homeless in Globeville neighborhood | FOX31 Denver – posted 4/30/19

Englewood homeless encampment grows; police express concern | FOX31 Denver – posted 5/1/19

2 students pricked by used drug syringes at Denver elementary school | FOX31 Denver – posted 5/1/19

Denver election: Initiative 300 projected to fail; would have ended camping ban | FOX31 Denver – posted 5/7/19



Detroit schools face tough choices with too many repairs, not enough money – posted 4/30/19


Erie /Erie County

Discrimination, irreversible injury cited in new McBride Viaduct filing – posted 2/8/19

High lead levels found in water at Emerson-Gridley – News – – Erie, PA – posted 2/24/19

Handling Erie Graffiti-Then and Now – Erie News Now | WICU and WSEE in Erie, PA – posted 3/11/19

Erie County Ranked 55th in Health Outcomes – Erie News Now | WICU and WSEE in Erie, PA – posted 3/20/19

How Healthy Is Erie County, Pennsylvania? | Healthiest Communities – posted 3/26/19

Mice infestation forces Erie market to close – News – – Erie, PA – posted 4/5/19


Flint, Michigan

What Will it Take to Save Flint, Michigan? | Cities | US News – posted 2/15/19

5 Years After Flint’s Crisis Began, Is The Water Safe?- posted 4/25/19

5 Years After Flint’s Crisis Began, Is The Water Safe?

From hero to pariah, Flint water expert fights for his reputation – posted 4/26/19

Flint mayor diverted water-crisis money to political PAC, suit says – CNN – posted 5/21/19


Los Angeles

LA’s Homeless Surge Puts Hollywood Ideals to the Test | Hollywood Reporter – posted 2/8/19

Flea-Borne Typhus Outbreak Among Homeless in Downtown LA | NBC Southern California – posted 2/8/19

Meet the Entertainment Workers Living in Their Cars Amid Housing Crisis | Hollywood Reporter – posted 2/8/19

Typhus Epidemic Worsens in Los Angeles | NBC Southern California – posted 2/8/19

Flea-borne typhus in Los Angeles County: 107 cases since last year – Outbreak News Today – posted 2/8/19

Rats and fleas have infested LA’s City Hall | Daily Mail Online –posted 2/9/19

Typhus Outbreak Strikes Los Angeles, but the City Is Not Alone: Public Health Watch – posted 2/24/19

Long before City Hall rats, L.A. has struggled with the rise of typhus – Los Angeles Times – posted 2/24/19

Invader mosquitoes expected to arrive early – and in droves – this year in Los Angeles and Orange counties – Press Enterprise – posted 3/25/19

Cher Says Los Angeles Should ‘Take Care of Its Own’ Before Accepting More Immigrants – posted 4/15/19

Homeless Dying in Record Numbers on the Streets of Los Angeles | Healthiest Communities | US News – posted 4/24/19

Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten complains about homeless crisis in LA neighborhood | Daily Mail Online – posted 4/27/19

LA Homeless Encampment Cleanups: Are Millions of Tax Dollars Being Wasted? | NBC 7 San Diego – posted 5/15/19

Unknown ‘infestation’ closes LAPD jail – Daily News – posted 5/15/19

Unknown Infestation Prompts Closure of LAPD Pacific Station Jail Indefinitely | KNX 1070 – posted 5/15/19

Rotting Trash Piles Sky-High in LA, Attracting Rats and Raising Concerns of a New Epidemic | NBC Southern California – posted 5/21/19

LAPD employee being treated for salmonella typhi, 1 other shows symptoms | – Typhoid – posted 5/30/19

Dr. Drew says LA public health in ‘complete breakdown’: ‘No city on Earth tolerates this’ | Fox News – posted 5/31/19

Pictures from downtown LA capture the problem it faces with trash as it tries and rodents | Daily Mail Online – posted 6/2/19


Rats and other vermin infest LAPD downtown station, sparking anger among officers – Los Angeles Times – posted 6/3/19

Homelessness jumps 12 percent across Los Angeles County despite $619M in spending | Fox News – posted 6/4/19


Tents housing homeless people lining a street in downtown Los Angeles last week. (AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)

Lack Of Rent Control Blamed For LA Homeless Crisis | Patch – posted 6/11/19

Union: Los Angeles officer has typhoid fever, 5 others show symptoms – posted 6/13/19



Louisville, Kentucky

Scenes from a downtown Louisville homeless camp that will be cleared out – podted 3/29/19

Louisville city crews clear out downtown homeless camp with brooms and Bobcats – posted 4/3/19

Louisville mayor’s budget to cut 300 jobs, libraries, pools, much more – posted 4/25/19

Louisville budget cuts: Fischer to slash public safety, LMPD spending – posted 4/25/19

Louisville homeless camp at CSX site in Irish Hill cleared – posted 4/29/19


New Orleans

New Orleans at ‘crossroads’ as newly homeless numbers rise – posted 4/28/19


New York City

Homelessness in NYC:Elementary School – posteds 3/11/19

The real reasons why New Yorkers are fleeing the city – posted 4/26/19

Mold, Rats and No Hot Water: Will Federal Oversight Improve Public Housing in New York? – posted 4/29/19



4 Oakland Churches to Offer Overnight Parking for Homeless Living in Cars – CBS San Francisco – posted 3/20/19

Oakland To Invest Millions In ‘Tuff Shed’ Program To Help House Homeless – CBS San Francisco – posted 4/10/19



A decades-long gang war in South Philly is consuming a generation of kids | Mike Newall – posted 3/20/19

Study: Philly among leaders in gentrification, which has pushed out people of color – posted 3/22/19

SEPTA keeps bleeding bus riders. It may take years to stanch the losses. – posted 3/26/19

Video: Illegal dumpers shove construction debris, trash right onto Philly roadways, sidewalks – posted 6/5/19

Among Philly kids, trauma and poverty are linked to mental illness, learning problems and more, Penn study finds – posted 6/7/19



Advocates think bill to end most exemptions from childhood vaccinations has a shot – Portland Press Herald – posted 2/8/19

Mayor: Efforts to aid Portland’s black neighborhoods an ‘abject failure’ | – posted 2/8/19

Portland anarchists flood lawyer’s office with water as ‘warning’ for representing ICE union | Fox News – posted 5/1/19

Low-Income Communities in this City are More at Risk for Disasters – Route Fifty – posted 5/6/19


Salt Lake City

County to enforce ‘no camping’ rule and start homeless camp ‘cleanups’ | – posted 5/27/19


San Diego

San Diego (Again) Bans Sleeping in Cars – Route Fifty – posted 5/16/19


San Francisco

Welcome to San Francisco’s dirtiest block | Daily Mail Online – posted 2/8/19

SF Mayor Says Her City Is Drowning In Poop: ‘There’s More Feces … Than I’ve Ever Seen’ | The Daily Caller – posted 2.8.19

SF Mayor: ‘There’s More Feces … Than I’ve Ever Seen’ | NBC Bay Area – posted 2/8/19

San Francisco homelessness crisis ‘cruel and inhuman’: UN report – Business Insider – posted 2/8/19

SF Supervisor Mandelman challenges Mayor Breed on homelessness progress – – posted 2/8/19

Those needles littering the streets? The city gave them out – – posted 2/8/19

Time to get rid of sheriffs in California – – posted 2/8/19

Land Of Discontent: 44% Consider Leaving Bay Area In Survey – CBS San Francisco – posted 3/25/19

Wealthy ‘NIMBY’ libs in Pelosi’s SF district raise $60G to fight center for city’s homeless | Fox News – posted 3/31/19

Interactive map reveals the staggering number of human waste on San Francisco’s streets | Daily Mail Online – posted 4/18/19

Increasing presence of homeless people seeking shelter at SFO airport – Story | KTVU – posted 4/19/19

San Francisco reports big syphilis increases in women – Outbreak News Today – posted 4/19/19

San Francisco sees ‘brownout’ amid spike in public pooping, reports say | Fox News – posted 4/19/19

San Francisco ‘Safe Overnight Parking’ Pilot Program Approved – CBS San Francisco – posted 4/25/19

Poll: SF Bay Area Residents Lagging In Frequency Of Bathing, Changing Underwear – CBS San Francisco – posted 5/3/19

Fire At Homeless Camp Behind Emeryville Home Depot Burns Stored Stock – CBS San Francisco – posted 5/5/19

Stossel – San Francisco – posted 5/5/19

Homeless Population Surges Across San Francisco Bay Area – CBS San Francisco – posted 5/18/19


San Jose

San Jose Police To Add Patrols Of Waterways Where Homeless Camps Are Nestled – CBS San Francisco – posted 5/15/19



In new poll on homelessness, Seattle area favors compassion but distrusts politicians | The Seattle Times – posted 2/8/19

In Seattle’s Sodo district, frustration mounts amid RVs, drugs and skyrocketing crime | The Seattle Times – posted 2/8/19

Seattle Times poll finds strong support for more transit — but not bike lanes | The Seattle Times – posted 2/8/19

Seattle business owners issue cry for help, ask city leaders to address repeat offenders | Q13 FOX News – posted 3/20/19

Top Seattle leaders largely silent on report on violent repeat offenders | Q13 FOX News – posted 3/20/19

System Failure – Report on Prolific Offenders in Seattle’s Criminal Justice System – posted 3/20/19

Tourists watch homeless encampment sweep near Fremont Troll | Q13 FOX News – posted 3/20/19

City removes homeless camp near Seattle’s Fremont Troll that was site of overdoses | The Seattle Times – posted 3/24/19

Bartell Drugs says they will not open any more stores in downtown Seattle after violent assaults on employees | Q13 FOX News – posted 3/26/19

Seattle Is Dying: Hundreds of Homeless Dead Due to Failed Public Health Policy | American Council on Science and Health – posted 3/26/19

The tents will not go away until the state helps fund services | The Seattle Times – posted 4/10/19

Seattle City Attorney discusses repeat offender report | Q13 FOX News – posted 4/15/19

Seattle’s persistent crime problem demands change | The Seattle Times – posted 4/20/19

North Seattle HIV cluster among drug users and homeless people worries health officials | The Seattle Times – posted 4/20/19

Seattle Is Dying: HIV Outbreak Hits Homeless | American Council on Science and Health – posted 4/24/19

In the aftermath of a drug bust, Seattle homeless camp is cleaned up again | The Seattle Times – posted 5/20/19

Mayor orders extra police patrols and resources in more Seattle neighborhoods | Q13 FOX News – posted 5/29/19

Seattle team in charge of removing homeless camps will gain staff, operate 7 days a week | The Seattle Times – posted 5/31/19

Finally, funds to clean up highway tent camps | The Seattle Times = posted 6/3/19


A homeless encampment adjacent to Interstate 90 in Seattle in 2017 (Ellen M. Banner / The Seattle Times, File)

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Has Been a Disaster, as the City’s Own Study Confirms – Foundation for Economic Education – posted 6/11/19

—— NBER – Seattle – the study to above article – posted 6/11/19




Frustration with homelessness mounts in all quarters – Anchorage Daily News – posted 6/10/19



Concerning Cyanide Levels Found in Some Benton County Area Well Water – posted 3/11/19

New Research Shows Over 2,000 Homeless Youth Live in Northwest Arkansas – posted 3/22/19


Arizona is putting thousands of schoolchildren at risk for measles – posted 3/11/19

Arizona House Panel Votes to Expand Vaccine Exemptions Amid Ongoing Measles Outbreakposted 3/11/19


Some doctors helping anti-vaccine parents get medical exemptions – posted 2/9/19

Vaccine Medical Exemptions For Sale in California | Katie Joy – posted 2/9/19

Doctor who prescribed pot cookies to 4-year-old for ‘temper tantrums’ gets license revoked over diagnosis | Fox News – posted 2/8/18

California exposure to volcanoes. – posted 3/11/19

Typhus and Tuberculosis Are Spreading in California Homeless Populations – The Atlantic – posted 3/12/19

Gov. Newsom, California Mayors Push For More Money To Help Homeless – CBS San Francisco – posted 2/22/19

Governor Newsom Pushes For Fee To Clean Up Tainted Water – CBS San Francisco – posted 3/22/19

Moody’s: FEMA’s Decision About California Dam Is a Signal to States and Localities – Route Fifty – posted 3/25/19

Independent report blames DWR, ‘long-term systematic failure’ for Oroville Dam spillway crisis – Times-Standard – posted 3/25/19

CA housing crisis bill aims to help homeless college students | The Sacramento Bee – posted 3/31/19

Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates Continue To Rise In California – – posted 4/22/19

Homelessness in San Bernardino County jumps 23 percent in 2019 – Press Enterprise – posted 4/25/19

California Politicians Hiked Gas Tax, Now Demand Investigation Into State’s $4 Per Gallon Gas Prices – – posted 4/25/19

Where are the top 6 US regions with worst smog? California – Times-Standard – posted 4/25/19

Which San Bernardino County cities have the biggest homeless populations? – San Bernardino Sun – posted 4/26/19

Volunteers count 2,811 homeless people in Riverside County, 22% more than last year – Press Enterprise – posted 4/27/19

Study estimates 15,000 cancer cases could stem from chemicals in California tap water | FOX31 Denver – posted 4/30/19

Homeless People In Fremont Found Living In Makeshift Tree Houses – CBS San Francisco – posted 5/31/19



Report gives Colorado an “F” when it comes to making school drinking water lead-free | FOX31 Denver – posted 3/28/19

Colorado’s air quality is getting worse with growing population, new report says | FOX31 Denver – posted 4/24/19

Homeless camps along South Platte River in Englewood to be removed | FOX31 Denver – posted 6/4/19

Englewood to consider camping ban along South Platte River | FOX31 Denver – posted 6/10/19



What on Earth Is Wrong With Connecticut? – The Atlantic – posted 3/15/19



State: Elevated levels of contaminants identified at 18 East Hawaii schools – Hawaii Tribune-Herald – posted 3/11/19

Mass Transit mismanagement could hurt entire state’s federal funding – Hawaii Tribune-Herald – posted 4/21/19

Efforts to cleanup homeless camps net truckloads of rubbish – Hawaii Tribune-Herald – posted 4/27/19



Still Separate After All These Years: How Schools Fuel White Flight – posted 2/8/19

Audit finds gaps in checks on underfunded police, fire pensions | State Politics | – posted 4/22/19

Report: Gov. J.B. Pritzker under federal criminal investigation | State Politics | – posted 4/24/19



Kentucky’s ‘too low and too slow’ response to hepatitis A outbreak – posted 2/24/19

How Kentucky’s hep A outbreak grew into the nation’s largest – posted 2/24/19

Kentucky hep A outbreak: Nurse told state to be more aggressive – posted 3/11/19

Report: Kentucky’s food insecurity rate higher than national average – posted 5/1/19–509310581.html



Health, safety inspectors put Maryland public housing last | WBFF – posted 4/11/19



New homeless count reflects what metro officials have said for months — but it’s even worse in rural areas – Twin Cities – posted 3/22/19



Pennsylvania’s children face lead perils everywhere. A new state report offers ideas to protect them. – posted 6/7/19


South Dakota

Pierre issues sudden advisory on manganese in city water due to growing EPA scrutiny | Local News Stories | – posted 3/28/19



State shells out $400,000 to Tenn. Department of Health on vaccine promotions | WZTV – posted 3/11/19



Texas Border ‘Colonias’ Lack Access to Basic Services – posted 2/8/19



Nearly 4,500 older brick buildings in Washington could be dangerous in a quake, new report says | NW News Network – posted 3/11/19

Everett to open $25,000 safe parking lot for homeless families living in vehicles | Q13 FOX News – posted 3/27/19

Snohomish County Deputy works to clear neighborhoods of illegal RVs | Q13 FOX News – posted 4/15/19

Can Spokane end homelessness? | News | – posted 4/18/19


Rural South

The rural South’s invisible public health crisis | Southerly – posted 2/9/19

‘People Are Literally Being Poisoned’: How Sewage Problems in Alabama Got So Bad — and Why Other States Should Worry – posted 2/9/19


In and Around Military Bases

Polyfluoroalkyl Chemicals in the U.S. Population: Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003–2004 and Comparisons with NHANES 1999–2000 – posted 2/8/19

Toxic Chemicals Contaminate Cape | Fox News – posted 2/8/19

What Happened at Camp Lejeune – Pacific Standard – posted 2/8/19

Navy Won’t Pay Damages For Camp Lejeune’s Toxic Water – Task & Purpose – posted 2/8/19

Lawmakers Create Task Force To Fix Address Drinking Water Contamination On Military Bases – Task & Purpose – posted 2/8/19

Why women were told ‘Don’t get pregnant at George Air Force Base’ – posted 2/8/19

These 8 military bases will test residents for cancer-causing chemicals – We Are The Mighty – posted 3/3/19