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CBRNE Problems

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Soldiers of 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) and the Republic of Korea 11th Special Forces Brigade, secure a person of interest during training near Gwangyang, South Korea. (Photo by SFC Andrew Kosterman)

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Prosecutors said the suspect began procuring materials to create ricin in mid-May.  (AP)

A Top Bioterror Danger: Making Existing Bacteria And Viruses More Virulent : Shots – Health News : NPR


Modern tools of biology could allow someone to recreate a dangerous virus, such as smallpox, from scratch.
Dr. Hans Gelderblom/Visuals Unlimited/Getty Images

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RSOE EDIS – CBRNE event in Mexico City, Capital City, Mexico on July 10 2018 03:29 AM – Theft of Iridium
     RSOE EDIS – Situation update No. 2. CBRNE event in Mexico on July 18 2018 03:51 PM

Truck Hauling Radioactive Dirt Catches Fire – YouTube

RSOE EDIS – Environment Pollution event in [Maseskar Island coastal area], Vastra Gotaland , Sweden on July 13 2018 03:57 AM

[This information absolute not confirmed. The original source russian owned media. EDIS] Traces of a chemical warfare agent were found in shrimp caught near the Swedish island of Maseskar, where 28 ships with chemical and other weapons were sunk by the allies after World War II, the Swedish National Water Agency said. The agency urged a complete fishing ban in the area surrounding the island, which is located in the Skagerrak straits linking the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The substance, identified as diphenylchlorarsine, is likely leaking into the water from decaying bombs aboard the sunken ships, the agency said. Swedish scientists are now warning that traces of the poisonous substance may also be present in Baltic Sea fish, saying that they are planning to expand their research into the matter.

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