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Table of Contents

  • Important Information
  • Cholera  
  • Hand, Foot and Mouth  
  • Hepatitis A  
  • Typhoid  
  • Typhus  
  • Worms

Important Information

Deposition of respiratory virus pathogens on frequently touched surfaces at airports – posted 10/3/18

Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report 2017 – posted 10/3/18



26 Dead in Angola Due to Cholera Outbreak – posted 8/22/18

 Cholera kills scores in DRC, Niger | News24 – posted 8/22/18

 Cholera threats persists in West Africa’s Lake Chad Basin – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/22/18

Cross-border movements responsible for cholera spread – The East African – posted 8/22/18

Algeria confirms second death from cholera, epidemic spreading to new areas | – posted 8/29/18

Niger cholera outbreak top 2,000 cases – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/5/18

Cholera kills 5 people in Zim capital – report | News24 – posted 9/12/18

20 dead, 2,300 suspected cases as Zimbabwe cholera outbreak spreads – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/13/18

Cholera outbreak has killed 55 in Niger: UN | News24 – posted 9/17/18

Zim: Cholera ‘spreading rapidly in capital Harare,’ says WHO | News24 – posted 9/17/18

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in Jizan, Jizan Region, Saudi Arabia on September 17 2018 06:31 AM – cholera – posted 9/19/18

WHO | Cholera – Algeria – posted 9/19/18

Zimbabwe cholera outbreak update: ‘Evolving rapidly and affecting mainly Harare City’ – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/19/18

Cholera outbreak: ‘We are living in fear…authorities are not doing enough,’ residents say | News24 – posted 9/22/18

Cholera kills 97 in Nigeria’s northeast | News24 – posted 9/24/18

Zimbabwe merely ‘postpones’ cholera outbreak | News24 – posted 9/24/18

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in [State-wide], State of Yobe, Nigeria on September 22 2018 04:06 AM – Cholera – posted 10/3/18

Cholera outbreak in Nigeria′s northeast kills nearly 100 | News | DW | 22.09.2018 – posted 10/3/18

Cholera crisis signals deeper problems for Zimbabwe | News24 – posted 10/3/18

Cholera outbreak death toll rises to 48 in Zimbabwe – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/3/18

Zimbabwe in huge cholera vaccination drive after 49 deaths – posted 10/3/18

Niger cholera outbreak spreads to other regions of the country – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/10/18


Hand, Foot and Mouth (Coxsackle Virus)

China – Kindergartens closing in Hangzhou due to “explosive” outbreak of herpangina and hand, foot and mouth disease, Zhejiang province – June 25, 2018 – FluTrackers News and Information

Singapore reports 23 percent increase in hand, foot and mouth disease in first half of 2018 – Outbreak News Today


Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD)
Image/shawn c

Viral illness that affects children spreading in Virginia, doctors warn – WAVY

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease cases up 28% in Malaysia this year – Outbreak News Today

HFMD: Malacca records almost 50pct increase in cases

Mets’ Noah Syndergaard lands back on DL after catching bizarre virus | CBC Sports

HFMD virus found on supermarket trolleys’ handlebars – Nation | The Star Online

Malaysia hand, foot and mouth disease cases top 35,000; Prompts interagency cooperation – Outbreak News Today

Hand, Mouth and Foot Disease cases on the rise, Vanderbilt doctor says | WBFF

Malaysia reports HFMD fatality in Sarawak child – Outbreak News Today

Hand, foot and mouth disease cases up 127 percent in Malaysia – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/29/18

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Is Spreading Again | Patient Advice | US News – posted 9/22/18


Hand, foot and mouth disease tends to be harder on kids than adults. (Getty Images)

ProMED-mail post – Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease – Vietnam – posted 10/2/18

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in [State-wide], State of New York, USA on October 10 2018 04:18 AM – Hand, Foot and Mouth – posted 10/10/18

Dublin toddler covered in horrific blisters and sores after allegedly getting disease at Spanish holiday resort – Dublin Live – posted 10/10/18

Dartmouth reports dozens of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease cases in students – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/17/18


Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A Outbreak in Kentucky is Not Over Yet

West Virginia hepatitis A outbreak now at 700 cases – Outbreak News Today

Hepatitis A: West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/16/18

Arkansas: Hepatitis A outbreak doubles since June – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/20/17

Hepatitis A Outbreak – Cabinet for Health and Family Services – posted 8/20/18


Nashville hepatitis A outbreak rises to 74 – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/22/18

Hepatitis A: Fifth Louisville resident dies amid outbreak – posted 8/22/18

West Virginia hepatitis A outbreak tops 1000 cases, CDC assistance requested – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/26/18

Nashville hepatitis A update – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/28/18

Nashville hepatitis A outbreak tops 100 cases – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/17/18

Massachusetts Public Health Alert issued over hepatitis A outbreak – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/25/18

Hepatitis E (Rat)

Rat hepatitis E virus can cause disease in humans: Hong Kong researchers – Outbreak News Today – posted 10/3/18



Pakistan Is Racing to Combat the World’s First Extensively Drug-Resistant Typhoid Outbreak – Scientific American

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic event in [Nation-wide], El Salvador on June 29 2018 04:07 AM – Typhoid

Pakistan travel warning issued due to extensively drug-resistant (XDR) typhoid fever – Outbreak News Today

‘Frightening’ drug-resistant strain of typhoid spreads in Pakistan | Science | AAAS


Sewage seeping into drinking water in Karachi, Pakistan,  likely helped spread bacteria that cause extensively drug-resistant typhoid.
Ashraf Khan/IRIN

Typhoid fever case at Massachusetts day care – News – – Worcester, MA

El Salvador reports typhoid epidemic, hundreds of suspected cases – Outbreak News Today


Malawi advised to quickly adopt new typhoid vaccine – Outbreak News Today



Typhoid cases up in El Salvador in 2018 – Outbreak News Today

El-Salvador     Image/Robert Herriman

Five killed, 350 hospitalized as typhoid outbreak spreads in Zimbabwe – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/22/18

Outbreak of drug-resistant typhoid triggers level two alert | Top Story | | Karachi – posted 8/22/18

Typhoid death toll rises to 8 in Gweru City – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/22/18

Typhoid cases soar in Woraiyur | Trichy News – Times of India – posted 10/10/18



San Diego: Typhus reported in North Park woman, prompts health warning – Outbreak News Today

Typhus hospitalization prompts flea warning in San Diego County – The San Diego Union-Tribune

RSOE EDIS – Epidemic Hazard event in [Serchhip District], Thenzawl, State of Mizoram, India on July 05 2018 06:51 PM – Typhus

Number of typhus cases growing in Galveston County


Pediculus humanus corporis, the human body louse (Courtesy: CDC)

Nepal: More than 100 scrub typhus cases reported – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/22/18

India: Dozens of scrub typhus cases reported in Delhi hospitals this summer – Outbreak News Today – posted 9/13/18



A new zoonotic disease emerges in southern Ontario | Office of Research – new tapeworm

A Work That Can Really Get Under Your Skin – From NPR News


The New England Journal of Medicine uses selfies in a paper describing a parasitic worm called Dirofilaria repens. The paper says a Moscow woman visited a rural area and was bitten by mosquitoes. She soon noticed a nodule moving around her face, which she documented with the above photos. The paper says a physician used a forceps to remove the worm (also shown above).
New England Journal of Medicine
A Worm That Can Really, Really Get Under Your Skin

New dysentery and bilharzia outbreaks around Zambian capital – Outbreak News Today


Parasitic infection, Strongyloidiasis, may be infecting up to 60 percent in remote northern Australia – Outbreak News Today



Creepy Dreadful Wonderful Parasites: Answer to Case 499


Ascariasis: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Parasite in woman’s spine causes tingling sensation, trouble walking


Schistosomiasis outbreak in Myanmar – Outbreak News Today

mymar    Myanmar Image/CIA

Teen Infected By Hookworms After Being Buried In Beach Sand « CBS Baltimore

They ate raw centipedes — and then the headaches began – CNN


Myanmar: Hundreds of schistosomiasis cases reported in ongoing outbreak

Guinea worm outbreak dashes hopes of elimination in South Sudan – posted 8/12/18

East Hawaii toddler diagnosed with rat lungworm – Hawaii Tribune-Herald – posted 8/20/18

Texas among 8 states with rat lungworm infection cases, CDC says – posted 8/22/18

Guinea worm infection reported in Angola: WHO – Outbreak News Today – posted 8/22/18

Stomach-churning moment doctor removes 15cm-long parasitic worm from man’s eye – Mirror Online – posted 10/17/18