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Public Health At a Crisis Point

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Infectious Diseases 

Medieval (Filth) Diseases

Public Health Issues   



An explosion rocked a Russian research facility known for housing the smallpox virus – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – posted 10/17/19

Russia Confirms Explosion At Ex Bioweapons Lab Storing Ebola, Smallpox And Plague – posted 10/17/19

Smallpox Samples Are Stored In Russian Lab That Saw An Explosion : Goats and Soda : NPR – posted 10/17/19

Lab Worker Accidentally Infects Herself With Virus Related to Smallpox – posted 11/12/19                                                                                                                       


Infectious Diseases 



Congo declares new Ebola epidemic, 1,000 km from eastern outbreak – Reutersposted 06/01/20

New Ebola outbreak declared in Congo city that last saw the virus in 2018 – The Washington Post posted 06/01/20

New DRC Ebola Outbreak Emerging in Equateur Province – ContagionLive posted 06/01/20

New DRC Ebola outbreak grows to 9 cases, 5 deaths | CIDRAPposted 06/02/20

Ebola healthcare worker

Ebola outbreak in Équateur Province: More cases reported – Outbreak News Todayposted 06/15/20

Ebola outbreak rises to 56 cases – Outbreak News Todayposted 07/16/20


General Research

Bat research critical to preventing next pandemic | WSU Insider | Washington State Universityposted 07/15/20



Scientists discover six new coronaviruses in bats (Update) – PHYS.ORGposted 04/15/20

Selection of viral variants during persistent infection of insectivorous bat cells with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus – Reports – posted 04/26/20

by: Arinjay Banerjee1,3,5, Sonu Subudhi1,4,5, Noreen Rapin1, Jocelyne Lew2, Richa Jain2, Darryl Falzarano1,2 & Vikram Misra1 ✉

Researchers identify evolutionary origins of SARS-CoV-2 | Penn State Universityposted 07/28/20



G4 EA H1N1

New Swine Flu Virus In China Has ‘Pandemic Potential,’ Here Are 7 Reasons Why – Forbesposted 07/10/20

Swine flu strain with human pandemic potential increasingly found in Chinese pigs | Science | AAASposted 06/29/20


WHO | Influenza A(H1N2) variant virus – Brazil – posted 07/16/20



New virus in bats linked to AIDS-like disease decimating koalas | Burnet Institute – posted 04/28/20


Public Health Issues


Preparing for the Next Pandemic — The WHO’s Global Influenza Strategy | NEJM –posted 01/06/20

A Mechanism to Reduce Medical Supply Shortfalls During Pandemics – RANDposted 04/16/20

by Elizabeth Hastings Roer, Isla Globus-Harris
Research conducted by RAND

Reshoring Supply Chains: A Practical Policy Agenda – American Affairs Journalposted 06/12/20

Politicians Shunt Aside Public Health Officials – PEWposted 06/18/20

Hollowed-Out Public Health System Faces More Cuts Amid Virus – Route Fiftyposted 07/01/20

The Strategic National Stockpile and COVID-19 – Rethinking the Stockpile – RAND – posted 06/25/20

by Daniel M. Gerstein – RAND

Testimony presented before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on June 24, 2020.

Politicians and Business Interests Pushed Health Officials Aside to Control Reopening. Then Cases Exploded. – Route Fifty – posted 07/22/20

States Raid Fund Meant for Needy Families to Pay for Other Programs – Route Fiftyposted 07/24/20

The Pandemic Response That Wasn’t | Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazineposted 07/26/20

With Testing Delays And Cases Surges, Contact Tracing Is Stymied In Some States : Shots – Health News : NPRposted 07/31/20

Many health departments losing race to warn contacts of COVID victims – Reutersposted 08/04/20

Why the Pandemic Is So Bad in America – The Atlanticposted 08/04/20



Tick surveillance and control lagging in US, study shows | EurekAlert! Science News – posted 06/18/20

The Study

Survey of Tick Surveillance and Control Practices in the United States | Journal of Medical Entomology | Oxford Academicposted 06/18/20

Mosquitoes flying free as health departments focus on virus | WBFFposted 07/16/20

<p>FILE – In this Aug. 26, 2019 file photo, Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement District biologist Nadja Reissen examines a mosquito in Salt Lake City. “Mosquitoes are the biggest nuisance and pest on this planet. Hands down,” says Ary Faraji, the president of the American Mosquito Control Association. “They are responsible for more deaths than any other organism on this planet, including humans.” (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer){/p}