Dengue – Coming Soon to America!



Urbanisation will make ‘break-bone’ fever one of the most common diseases of the century, say experts – Dengue Fever – posted 6/11/19

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26-year-old Canadian woman dies after catching dengue fever in Jamaica | CTV Newsposted 02/15/20

Singapore reports over 2,000 dengue cases in first 6 weeks – Outbreak News Todayposted 02/16/20

Philippines records 15K dengue cases in first weeks of 2020 – Outbreak News Todayposted 02/16/20

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Paraguay reports an additional 30K dengue cases last week – Outbreak News Todayposted 02/28/20

Peru dengue: 40,000 homes to be fumigated in San Martín region, Country cases top 8,000 – Outbreak News Today posted 02/29/20

In Latin America, Dengue is deadlier than Coronavirus – The Yucatan Timesposted 03/07/20

Dengue fever outbreak hits Indonesia, 16 099 cases and 100 fatalities reported – posted 03/11/20

Dengue fever outbreak hits Indonesia, 16 099 cases and 100 fatalities reported

Dengue outbreak in Paraguay: More than 200K cases reported to date – Outbreak News Today posted 03/25/20

Dengue fever: More than 1 million cases reported in the Americas, Most in Brazil and Paraguay – Outbreak News Todayposted 04/18/20

Brazil dengue: Mato Grosso do Sul reports 2nd most cases – Outbreak News Todayposted 04/20/20

Singapore: Dengue cases at 6,000, Projected to exceed 2019 tally – Outbreak News Todayposted 04/22/20

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Dengue fever in Mayotte: More than 3500 cases reported to date – Outbreak News Todayposted 04/24/20

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Coronavirus overshadows another dangerous viral outbreak – Los Angeles Timesposted 05/16/20

Large Outbreak of Dengue Fever Reported in Northeastern Thailand – Chiang Rai Timesposted 05/18/20


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Brazil: Mato Grosso do Sul sees worst dengue epidemic since 2014 – Outbreak News Todayposted 06/11/20