Military Health System Isn’t Ready for Battlefield Injuries | National News | US News

Military Health System Isn’t Ready for Battlefield Injuries | National News | US News

The uniform of a U.S. Army soldier lies on the floor of the trauma ward at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan in 2010.(Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Surgeons Give Damaging Assessments of the Military Health System | National News | US News

Surgeons See a Military Hospital as a Shadow of Its Past | National News | US News

Combat Medics at Fort Sam Race to Save Lives in Tomorrow’s War, Today

Under the eye of an instructor, combat medics working in a forward aid station work to save a patient with simulated severe wounds.
Photograph by Jeff Wilson

Putin Pulls Russia Out of Convention on War-Crime Probes

Sort of makes you wonder “WHY”?  


Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Photographer: Akos Stiller/Bloomberg

Pentagon Report Warns On Threat To U.S. From Russia’s Dangerous Global Influence – In Military

The Report: Russia Strategic Interest – – May, 2019

Russia to hold major test of its strategic missile forces | Article [AMP] | Reuters – posted 10/17/19

Russian Spetsnaz in Norway: ‘Fake News’ Versus Facts – Jamestown – posted 10/17/19

Navy reestablishes Submarine Group 2 as Russian sub activity increases – Business Insider – posted 10/17/18

UAWire – Russia begins large-scale military exercises in Arctic – posted 10/17/19

U.S. Army reveals details of its largest deployment to Europe in 25 years – Defence Blog – posted 10/17/19


Photo courtesy of 21st Theater Sustainment Command

Russian Subs Live-Fire Ballistic Missiles in Nuclear Combat Drill – The Diplomat – posted 10/19/19

Russia preparing troops for large-scale aggression against Ukraine – General Staff – posted 10/19/19

Doc’s Study of War

GLOBAL JIHAD IN SOUTHEAST ASIA Examining the expansion of the Islamic State and al-Qaeda

Mona Kanwal Sheikh Lars Erslev Andersen Nicholas Chan Hara Shintaro

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Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance 2018

Division of STD Prevention October 2019
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention
Division of STD Prevention
Atlanta, Georgia, 30329–4027

Think of all the issues going on across the Country right now – drug addiction, homelessness, mental health issues and so on –  and Sexually Transmitted Diseases are part of/caused by all of the above.



Around the world, dog bites are still the primary source of Rabies in people. I’ve read news reports of packs of rabid dogs attacking villages and it can be quite scary.

In the U.S., while dogs and other mammals do cause problems, our main source of Rabies infections is bats.


Link to this Report:

Other Information

Rabies Disease, Transmission and Prevention: Just What Do You Know About Rabies?

Total human rabies deaths (top) or per-100,000 people (bottom) illustrate the global burden of dog-transmitted human rabies.

For more information on Rabies and other Neurotrophic Diseases visit my page at:

Doc’s Top Ten Killer Neurotropic Viruses