Populism versus Globalism – Sometimes words DO have two meanings.


“Populist politics and vaccine hesitancy in Western Europe: an analysis of national-level data | European Journal of Public Health | Oxford Academic” (1)

I was reading the above listed study on Vaccine Hesitancy and was looking at the information and starting thinking that the word “Populist” just wasn”t the right word. I then thought of one of my favorite songs – Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven”.  In the song written by Jimmy Page there is a sentence that reads:

“‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings” (2)

That led me to look up the term populist in various dictionaries, and yes, it can have two meanings. As the afore-mentioned article states “Conclusion: Vaccine hesitancy and political populism are driven by similar dynamics: a profound distrust in elites and experts” (1). It is my belief that the word “Globalization” is the correct word for this article. In this country, many feel that a University, in this case Oxford University, is one of homes of the “elites and experts” and as such is distrusted by the masses. They can’t blame themselves for this mistrust, so they use the term “Populist” in the right-wing, anti-government usage instead of the term “Globalization”. As “Globalization” also has “two meanings”, the one meaning that fits in this case, by Dictionary.com, “The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on am international scale: Example: So the process of what’s called globalization is the process of centralizing power.” (3)

Now, why I feel this is important.

Politics pure and simple and the drive to consolidate world power into the hands of a few “Elites and Experts”.  We’ve watched Obama of the United States, Macron of France, Trudeau of Canada and others preach the “One World” message and all power to the United Nations for years, and have realized that governmental globalization is just as corrupt and self-centered as business globalization.

There is also the misunderstanding by the “Elites and Experts” of the basic human desire to be a part of something local, of like-mindedness and local community-based HOME.  Old school psychologists understood this, but as the elitism of the Universities and Governments continued to evolve into what has truly became “We are smarter than you so we deserve to have all of the power” people resist. Is this surprising? Only to those whose sociopathic mindset can’t understand how “the unwashed masses” could resist “their greatness”.

While I could go on, I think the “Elites and Experts” should watch Simon Pegg’s movie “The World’s End” (4) to get an idea of what they don’t understand of human nature.

Of course, it is probably to “Low Brow” for them. 


1) “Populist politics and vaccine hesitancy in Western Europe: an analysis of national-level data | European Journal of Public Health | Oxford Academic”  https://academic.oup.com/eurpub/advance-article/doi/10.1093/eurpub/ckz004/5364298

2) Stairway To Heaven

Songwriters: Jimmy Page
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Herbalist sentenced after death of diabetic boy advised not to use insulin | Q13 FOX News


Update to blog from February 19, 2019

84 year old “Master Herbalist” Timothy Morrow was found guilty of charges relating to the death of a 13 year old Type 1 diabetic boy he recommended “HERBS” for instead of insulin. His “treatment” caused the death of this boy. 

His punishment included:

  1. 120 days in Jail

  2. Practicing medicine without a license

  3. Child Abuse

  4. 48 months of “informal” probation

  5. Fine of $5,000.00 

  6. Pay for the cost of the boy’s funeral

  7. “Warning” labels on his herbal products

  8. 1 year counseling program for child abuse

No manslaughter charges or anything really relating to the death of the boy.  What a farce!


Global Biosecurity – Exercise Mataika: White Paper on Response to a smallpox bioterrorism release in the Pacific.


Macintyre CR, Heslop DJ, Nand D, Schramm C, Butel M, Rawlinson W, Baker MG, Kiedrzynski T, Nelson C, Rosewell A, Fotualii L, Yeo K, Elsgaard J, Fonua L, Lane JM. Exercise Mataika: White Paper on response to a smallpox bioterrorism release in the Pacific. Global Biosecurity, 2019; 1(1).


Does not turn out well but is illuminating on how much work needs to be done on Biosecurity.

Now, just imagine if the current measles outbreak was smallpox.