Getting Hotter by the Minute between India and Pakistan!


In this file image, Indian Air Force Mirage 2000 fighters fly in formation on Jan. 23, 2012. (AP Photo/Saurabh Das, File)

So, last Saturday, February 23rd, I posted that the tensions were rising between India and Pakistan. Now, it seems that Indian Air Force Mirage Jets hit terrorist camps inside Pakistan during the past 12 hours.

This is being covered very well by the foreign press but not so much here.  I did find one story by CNN about today’s developments but not much else:

India strikes Pakistan as hostilities rise between nuclear powers – CNN

Maybe the American Press will get over it’s political infighting once outright war starts and they have to pay attention to it but I doubt it.

More Reading for you from the past 12 hours:

Pakistani villagers shaken awake as Indian warplanes drop bombs near madrasa | Reuters – posted 2/26/19

India Says Air Strike Hit Major Terrorist Camp Inside Pakistan – posted 2/26/19

India just bombed a target within Pakistan — and both nations are nuclear powers – posted 2/26/19

Indian rupee falls for first time in days after jets attack Pakistan camps – posted 2/26/19

Live updates: Tension mounts after Indian Mirage fighter jets cross Kashmir frontier, bomb camps – posted 2/26/19


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