Waiting for the Shoe to Drop!


Ominous is it not?

I’ve been watching what is going on in the World for a number of years now and I am starting to worry that War is coming and it is coming soon. I’ve been monitoring a wide variety of sources and, while some are obviously fake or borderline truth, the sheer volume of reports is very telling.  It beginning to feel a lot like what Europe must have been like in the 1938-1939 period just before World War 2 broke out.

The American mainstream media is pretty much worthless  at this time.  The current President and the last President dominate and dominated the news cycles.  Politics here in the United States is like having a Cancer – it dominates and destroys everything else. There is very little honest reporting, even on a local level,  and frequently the “Press” is the story. They are so wrapped up in their hates and bias that real news is overlooked because it doesn’t score “brownie” points for them.  Occasionally real news leaks out, but you have to look very hard for it among the garbage.

Without a functioning Press reporting real news, you have to look hard to find out what is really going on in the world.  This also leaves one open to the real fake news out there – government fake news or fake news from those pushing their own agenda. It is hard,  so you look for the “gems” among the pebbles and you look for commonalities and patterns that emerge with study. Good old common sense and pattern recognition are the key.

Obvious Commonalities and Patterns:

1. Russia, under Putin, is trying to expand its territory – that’s pretty much a given as there are just to many recent examples to say other wise. Historical reasons, economic reasons, political reasons and so on – it doesn’t matter WHY just that it is happening.  People/Governments always have a “WHY” which makes sense to them and justifies their actions.  HOW and WHEN are the primary concerns now.

2. Russia and China have been “Unfriendly” towards each other of over 40 years now.  Suddenly, Reuters is reporting that Russia, China and Mongolia (another country not exactly friends with Russia) are holding Joint War Games – biggest Russian War games since the End of the Cold War.

Tom Clancy in his book “The Bear and the Dragon”, 2000, talks extensively about the dislike between Russia and China.  The book, even talks about how Russia has “Stored” massive amounts of war supplies in underground caverns (Never Depots) in Eastern Russia in case of War with China. Recently, a blog showed up from Medium.com that Russia has reactivated obsolete T-62 tanks (which they had n storage somewhere) for these war games. Interesting.

3. Russia is fostering a variety of “Fake” News and “Rumors” around the World – Not Just the United States – and this is a given.  Turmoil, discontent and demoralization are the obvious reasons behind this. Classic insurgent theory in practice.

What is surprising is that Russia seems to be behind some of the Anti-Vaccine movement.  The Guardian Newspaper (Russian Trolls ‘ spreading discord’ over vaccine safety online – Thursday, 23 August 2018), American Council on Science and Health (Postmodern Weaponized: Russia’s Assault on American Science – August 27, 2018) and The American Public Health Association (Weaponized Health: Twitter Bots and Russian Trolls Amplify the Vaccine Debate – May 22, 2018) are just a few of the Organizations discussing this problem.

4. There is also the issue with China – suddenly more friendly with Russia.  China is fermenting a great deal of turmoil in it’s traditional “Spheres of Influence” and other areas. The Chinese are showing up in places and their influence is growing in non-traditional areas for them. Makes you think a little.

Returning to point 3 for a second with China, Russia and vaccines. China is in the grip of several “Novel” influenzes over the past several years – H7N9 Avian Flu comes to mind.  China has refused to send samples of H7N9 to other countries labs as required by the World Health Organization.  No vaccine can be made with samples of the disease.  New York Times (China Has Withheld Samples of a Dangerous Flu Virus – August 27, 2018 and  The Telegraph (Disease X: China ignores UK request to share samples of flu virus with pandemic potential – August 30, 2018) Now why would they not want the rest of the world to have a vaccine for this flu?

5. Russia is moving military muscle all around it’s borders and literally scaring it’s neighbors.  Sweden, neutral Sweden is worried along with the Baltic States, Norway, Finland, Poland and so on. There are just to many articles and stories about this to put in a blog. I will discuss a very interesting one right now – Reuters (German Forces Land in Norway for major NATO Exercise – September 9, 2018)  and, after World War 2, this is remarkable.  Check out my page “War-Is It Coming” at the link below to view examples:

WAR – Is It Coming?

6. Syria.  Russia and Iran are staking a lot on Syria. Syria has shown no reluctance in using chemical weapons against it’s own people and will do so again.  FOX News is reporting “Syria’s Assad approves gas attack in Idlib despite warning, report says. The U.S., U.K., France and Germany have all stated that they will respond if Syria uses gas again.

Russia has moved front-line aircraft into Syria and moved a Naval Fleet into the Mediterranean. Iran has moved missiles and military units into Syria. (Again, check the page WAR – Is It Coming?) Today, Turkey, who has problems with what is going on in Syria and does not approve of Assad, is today moving armor units to it’s Syrian Border – UAWIRETurkey Deploys Armored Vehicles to the border with Syria so things are getting ready to pop.

This just touches what is going on with Russia and the world. I’ve heard predictions that the “Final War” will start in the Middle East and that looks like what might just happen. 

September 10, 2018



Cow Plague in India


Biological Hazard in India on September 04 2018 05:07 AM (UTC).

Cow plague, a serious virus disease of cattle, has created panic among the cattle farmers of Nuasahi village under the Balanga Veterinary Centre.Within the last two days, seven cows have died and more than 100 cattle have been affected by cow plague (Phatua) in Nuasahi. In the beginning stage of the plague, cows are attacked by high fever and gangrene is spotted in the mouth of the affected cows. The villagers allege that lack of vaccination by the Animal Husbandry Department is the reason for the cow plague spreading in the area. Meanwhile, quacks are treating the affected cattle and cheating cow farmers.

RSOE EDIS – Biological Hazard event in Nuasahi, State of Odisha, India on September 04 2018 05:07 AM



RSOE EDIS is a Non-Governmental Organization site out of Budapest, Hungary that seems to have an extremely well developed software program that pulls together reports/media/governmental sources from all over the world and puts it out to everyone. Just the reports – no pictures or such. I have verified a number of their Event Reports from local sources and have never found them to be misleading or fake news.