Cow Plague in India


Biological Hazard in India on September 04 2018 05:07 AM (UTC).

Cow plague, a serious virus disease of cattle, has created panic among the cattle farmers of Nuasahi village under the Balanga Veterinary Centre.Within the last two days, seven cows have died and more than 100 cattle have been affected by cow plague (Phatua) in Nuasahi. In the beginning stage of the plague, cows are attacked by high fever and gangrene is spotted in the mouth of the affected cows. The villagers allege that lack of vaccination by the Animal Husbandry Department is the reason for the cow plague spreading in the area. Meanwhile, quacks are treating the affected cattle and cheating cow farmers.

RSOE EDIS – Biological Hazard event in Nuasahi, State of Odisha, India on September 04 2018 05:07 AM


RSOE EDIS is a Non-Governmental Organization site out of Budapest, Hungary that seems to have an extremely well developed software program that pulls together reports/media/governmental sources from all over the world and puts it out to everyone. Just the reports – no pictures or such. I have verified a number of their Event Reports from local sources and have never found them to be misleading or fake news.

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