Venezuela migration nears ‘Mediterranean crisis point’ – BBC News


Migration Routes  are a big part of history – Why do people get to this and that location. Why do they leave one area to go to somewhere new?

In this case, I think we can safely say that the rapidly falling failed socialist state of Venezuela. Lack of food, basic services, health care and a repressive regime are just parts of the overall problem.

Unfortunately, this could be the start of something that affects the whole globe. Besides the obvious specter of upcoming wars (internal and/or external factors), hostilities and repression towards the migrants, there is the looming spector of infectious diseases spreading from the rufugees because of lack medical care, vaccinations and starvation

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Anti-Migrant Hostilities Aren’t Just a United States Problem Anymore

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Brazil Rushes to Thwart Measles Outbreak From Venezuelans – The New York Times – posted 8/21/18

Brazil slams Venezuela as measles spreads across border | Reuters – posted 8/21/18

Brazil’s Measles Outbreak Reaches 1,053 Cases During 2018 — Precision Vaccinations – posted 8/21/18

You can”t help but feel sorry for the Venezuelan people – the people and not the wealthy and governmental types who will survive until something brings them down.

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