Anti-Migrant Hostilities Aren’t Just a United States Problem Anymore

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Brazilian police tried to restore control after residents                                                                 near Pacaraima attacked Venezuelan migrant camps

All we hear about here  in the U.S. is how “evil & hard-hearted” we are if we don’t allow every migrant into the Country. 

The former Socialist Paradise of Venezuela (loved by Sean Penn and other Hollywood Types) is literally falling apart and threatens to take the whole region with it as the Venezuelan population leaves the fallen State.  Measles is just a start.

Other Countries are setting up check points, making and enforcing immigration laws – sound familiar?  And some Citizens of the invaded Countries are actually attacking Venezuelan refugees.

Going to get VERY Interesting!

Wonder if the United States Media will ever truly report on this growing disaster/

Venezuela Crisis is now a Regional Crisis – posted 8/12/18

Brazil Rushes to Thwart Measles Outbreak From Venezuelans – The New York Times – posted 8/21/18

Brazil slams Venezuela as measles spreads across border | Reuters – posted 8/21/18

Brazil’s Measles Outbreak Reaches 1,053 Cases During 2018 — Precision Vaccinations – posted 8/21/18

Ecuador tightens entry rules for Venezuelan migrants – BBC News – posted 8/24/18

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