West Virginia University: HFMD among Mountaineer football team prompts postponement of Fan Day – Outbreak News Today


Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is another disease that is staging a comeback.  Now Kids are getting ready to go back to school so look for this outbreak to keep growing.

HFMD is what I call a “Filth Disease” because of how it spreads throughout a population. Check the link below to read up on Filth Diseases

Filth Diseases

Article above


Other HFMD recent articles.

Mets’ Noah Syndergaard lands back on DL after catching bizarre virus | CBC Sports


HFMD virus found on supermarket trolleys’ handlebars – Nation | The Star Online


Malaysia hand, foot and mouth disease cases top 35,000; Prompts interagency cooperation – Outbreak News Today


Hand, Mouth and Foot Disease cases on the rise, Vanderbilt doctor says | WBFF


Malaysia reports HFMD fatality in Sarawak child – Outbreak News Today


HFMD clusters reported in eight pre-schools, Latest Singapore News – The New Paper


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