“Unknown” and “Mysterious” Diseases still out there.


One thing leaps out at you when you start studying diseases and that is that science and medicine don’t have all of the answers. “Unknown” and “Mysterious” diseases crop up and kill people without warning and nothing can be taken for granted. Case in Point – a 6th type of Ebola was just recently found in Sierra Leone.

New Ebola virus found in Sierra Leone | News24 Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses


As most of these “Unknown” or “Mysterious” diseases occur in what can be considered “Under-Developed” Countries, most of these diseases will, hopefully, be identified.

Uganda on high alert as mysterious disease kills six – Xinhua | English.news.cn


Strange disease sweeps through Ilchamus, Baringo county, claims 10 lives in a month ▷ Tuko.co.ke

  The disease is believed to have broken out as a result of rains in the area.Source: Twitter

Strange disease kills 5 in Mubende


H5N1: DR Congo: An undiagnosed outbreak in North Kivu

drcongo.png   Google Maps  

Ebola-like disease kills 12 in north-eastern Congo – – The Sun News– The Sun News



WHO struggling to identify unknown killer disease in eastern DR Congo – Outbreak News Today



Problems: Doc Wes’ Public Health Triage

  • Cultural, societal and religious “Norms”

  • Graft and corruption at all levels

  • Accessibility of some areas

  • Infrastructial issues

Adding to these problems is the continual political strife and wars

Congo Ebola outbreak poses high regional risk, says WHO | Reuters


WHO: Ebola DRC outbreak taking place in ‘war zone’ | CIDRAP


The 1918 Pandemic spread around the world and killed between 20-50 million people – without our present transportational system.  A lot of people are trying to identify “Disease X” (unknown disease) before it hits A Study Of History

The Virus Hunters: The Daunting Search for the Next Deadly Pathogen Doc Wes’ Public Health Triage


Predicting Future Zoonotic Disease Outbreaks | The Scientist Magazine®Doc Wes’ Public Health Triage


PATHS TO SPILLOVER: Zoonotic pathogens spread from animals to humans, and sometimes from humans back to animals. Mapping out the step-by-step pathway different zoonotic pathogens follow could help with surveillance efforts designed to prevent outbreaks.

Hopefully they will be able to stop the next Pandemic.

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