Things are getting tense!


Below are four (4) of today’s posts concerning the growing threat of war in Europe.  Daily it seems to be getting tense and tenser as more and more stories appear in the Foreign Press and in some American Blogs who are paying attention to these things.

Very little  is being said in the American Press as they seem to be more interested in Politics, on one side or another, then on matters that might kill a lot of people. Unfortunately, most of the American People know absolutely nothing about what goes on outside of their little worlds and can’t believe the little actual news they hear or read until it slaps them in the face – then they are totally surprised.

Sometimes I wonder on what is scarier, the actual threat of war or the total lack of interest in what’s going on around the average person.

UAWire – Ukrainian military in Donbas allowed to return fire without seeking authorization

Thousands of Belarus troops begin deploying along Lithuanian border – Defence Blog

Russia vows consequences after Norway invites more U.S. Marines | Reuters

Russian navy put on high alert off Ukraine coast: sources | Reuters

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